self-propelled modular trailers

self-propelled modular trailers

Features and Applications of ARLEK Self-propelled Modular Trailers(SPMT)

The ARLEK Self-Propelled Modular trailers (SPMT) provide the reliable transport solutions for those non-detachable, oversize, over length, over height or overweight goods. Modular trailers is widely used in the field of oil and gas industries, chemical industries, construction, shipbuilding, and etc.

ARLEK has a strong product design and development capability, Customized self-propelled modular trailers on request. many of the company’s inventions are patented and all the products have passed the CQC mandatory certification of automobile product and the European CE certification.

ARLEK offers 2.43-meter-wide self propelled modular trailers which can be easily transported by standard shipping containers, 3-meter-wide self-propelled modular trailers as well as the shipyard transporter. Each module of the self-propelled modular trailers can be horizontally and vertically coupled together in a variety of ways so as to achieve synchronous hydraulic driving and lifting, long distance driving when carrying a heavy load and keep continuous work by remote control. It has a high synchronization accuracy of driving and lifting and also has the advantages of system stability, flexible coupling or dismounting, easy to repair, safety, efficient, environmental protection and intelligence.

ARLEK’s heavy transport vehicle sell well all over China and are exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Angola Vietnam and Sudan. 

ARLEK has the quality products, reasonable price and excellent service, moreover, ARLEK always try to provide a heavy transporter solution not just a product.