Road sweeper

Road sweeper S1450

Road sweeper S1450 adopts the whole water cycle dust control system. The use of multistage circulating sedimentation technology and atomization dust reduction effect are perfect, effectively suppressing the working dust. The unique integrated operation platform has one-button control of the opening and closing of the dust collection and cleaning system, and the automatic anti-collision and collision avoidance functions of the brush make the operation more simple and convenient. The hydraulic...


Product Advantages



1. Whole water cycle dust control system

2. Integrated control platform

3. Connected bearing structure power chassis

4. Integrated overhead air conditioner

5. Humanized cab design

6. Perfect lighting system

7. One-click automatic dumping of garbage

Road sweeper S1450 Application Area


Road-sweeper Road-sweeper
Item Parameter
Dimension 3650x1230x2100mm
Max. travelling speed 16km/h
Working cruising speed 5~9km/h
Sweeping width 1800mm
Min. turning radius 2700mm
Max. grade ability Full load 15%,Empty load 20%
Hopper capacity 360L
Max. dumping height 1350mm
Max. lifting weight 400kg
Water tank capacity 160L
Curb weight 1600kg

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