Miniature road sweeper

Miniature road sweeper S1000

S1000 new energy washing and sweeping car adopts new energy vehicle chassis, is a miniature road sweeper, there are announcements, can be registered. To break the embarrassing situation that small sweeper can not be licensed without the right of way. The vehicle is only 1 meter wide, small in size, and can easily pass through roadblocks. Using self-dumping bin, easy to dump. Lightweight vehicle design, suitable for pavement, side roads, back streets, alleys, squares, parks, schools and other...


Product Advantages



1. The miniature road sweeper adopts the second class of new energy chassis, stable performance, small volume of the vehicle, strong passability.

2. The miniature road sweeper uses iron phosphate battery, the battery life can reach 50Km, portable charging equipment, charging more convenient.

3. The miniature road sweeper is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning, control experience is strong.

4. The structure of the vehicle is made of a large number of aluminum alloy materials, the box shell adopts the blister process, lightweight design, and effectively improve the driving range.

5. The miniature road sweeper has sweeping, cleaning, high pressure cleaning, handheld straw and other functions.

Application Area



Miniature-road-sweeper-ALK-S1000 Miniature-road-sweeper-ALK-S1000
Item   Parameter
Working width mm 1450
Drive motor model/peak power Kw TZ170MED1/15
Rated voltage/Rated capacity (chassis) V/ah 96/87
Wheelbase mm 2200
Wheel track mm 920/1020
Cistern L 300
Fan power Kw 5.5
Dustbin L 400
Brush diameter mm 650
Suction diameter mm 600
Vehicle chassis / New energy type II chassis
Transmission mode / Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Braking distance m 4
Coat body / Shell blister + rice gold spray open
Water tank material / Molded water tank
Quality of service Kg 870
Max. allowable mass Kg 950
Dimension mm 3520x1160x1750

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