Electric road sweeper

Electric road sweeper S50

Multi-functional pure electric road sweeper S50 is the fourth generation of new generation sweeper independently developed, designed and produced by our company with super road sweeping ability. It has multiple functions such as road sweeping, curbstone and curbstone facade brushing, garbage vacuum recycling, spray dust reduction, high-pressure washing, etc. It is suitable for large-scale rapid cleaning and cleaning operations on urban trunk roads, ring roads, high-grade highways, airports,...


Multi-functional pure electric street sweeper ARS50
Multi-functional pure electric street sweeper ARS50
Multi-functional pure electric street sweeper ARS50
Multi-functional pure electric street sweeper ARS50

Product Advantages



• The water tank is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the power system is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and the instrument position is equipped with a battery management system as well as a vehicle status monitoring display device, configuration working mode and dual mode of transition and walking.

• The cleaning device has automatic collision avoidance protection function and automatic reset function when encountering obstacles.

• The control switches are centrally installed in the cab, and all electronic control operations can be completed in the cab equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning.

• The electric road sweeper has good passing performance, strong suction power and good dust suppression effect when transferring the garbage.

• The electric road sweeper is electronically controlled and hydraulically executed. It adopts an electric negative pressure three-stage dry and wet dust separation filter system, inertial cyclone dust removal, water mist dust reduction, water circulation filtration and dust removal, maintenance-free stainless steel sintered filter dust removal and electric sweeping dust suppression system, clean strong force and low overall operating sound.

• Powered by pure electric, the whole vehicle is economical and environmentally friendly. With a cruising range of 80-100 kilometers, it is in line with the national policy of developing new energy vehicles.

• The vehicle body is rigid and cold riveted, with the special load asymmetric suspension system, the chassis is safe and stable.

• It is equipped with 72V, 7.5kW AC asynchronous drive motor and controller, which can be matched with 72V, 400-1200Ah lithium battery capacity, and the continuous working time is 5-10 hours.

• Tire: 8-layer radial high-load tubeless tire is used, which is wear-proof and has a long service life.

This electric road sweeper combines the overall structure of the dedicated chassis, combined sweeping and suction, hydraulic dump system, three-in-one “3D” washing cabinet, 360° all-round high-definition intelligent surveillance camera and other advantages.

Application Area



Equipped-with-a-handheld-high-pressure-gun(Can-cross-obstacles-for-road-washing) Bilateral-Sweeping-Brush-&-Negative-Pressure-Suction-Cup
Multiple Working Modes
Technical parameters of ARS50 Hydraulic-Tipping-Bucket-Discharge
Hydraulic Tipping Bucket Discharge


Item   Parameter
Sweeping width M 2.5
Working time h 4-8
Weeping speed Km/h >5
Rated flow of cleaning water L/min 23
Max. sweeping capacity m2/h 25000
Max. suction particle size mm 50
Discharge angle ° ≥45
Working cycle time of one unloading s ≤35
Trash bin volume L 2800
Battery capacity     72V/400Ah(Lithium battery)
Driving motor V/kw 72/7.5
Min. ground clearance mm ≥145
Max. speed Km/h 40
Max. grade ability % Full load 25, no load 30
Loading capacity Kg ≤2500
Wheelbase mm 2200
Width of brush mm 650
Clean water tanker L 450
Regeneration water tank   100
Braking method   Hydraulic power hydraulic brake four-wheel drum brake
Body structure   Rigid cold riveted body
Front/rear suspension type   7 front and rear 8 leaf spring suspensions
High-pressure washing Function   Have
Dimension mm 4750x1550x2400
Air conditioner   optional

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