flatbed transporter

Flatbed transporter truck trailers

The self propelled platform flatbed transporter(flatbed trailer,flatbed truck) has the function of hydraulic driven, multi-mode steering, hydraulic lifting, whole vehicle synchronous lifting and multi transporter cooperative work.


Shipyard transporter
Shipyard transporter
Shipyard transporter
Shipyard transporter
Shipyard transporter
Shipyard transporter

The self-propelled platform flatbed transporter, which is divided into series A, B, C, G and Y, is mainly used in the fields of ship building, bridge construction, metallurgy, oil field and etc. The load of a single axle line can be 32 tons, 48 tons, 64 tons and 76 tons. The self-propelled platform flatbed trailer has the multi-mode independent steering system and the load of a single transporter ranges from 35 tons to 1000 tons; selection of coupling mode function can make multi transporter cooperative work and the load capacity can be up to thousands of tons.

The self-propelled platform shipyard transporter truck has the function of hydraulic driven, multi-mode steering, hydraulic lifting, whole vehicle synchronous lifting and multi transporter cooperative work.

The self-propelled platform flatbed truck has been widely sold to large-scale ship building enterprises in a dozen of provinces and municipalities in China including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Dalian, and exported to foreign countries such as Norway, Korea, Vietnam, India, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Holland, Malaysia, Bahrain, Singapore, Brazil and etc.

01. Single flatbed transporter load capacity 35 to 1000tons;

02. Hydraulic drive and air braking;

03. Hydraulic suspension, electronic hydraulic synchronous lifting system;

04. Hydraulic three points or four points support;

05. Electronic composite multi-mode steering system with 7 steering modes;

06. The CAN bus electrical system;

07. Hydraulic pipeline anti-brake valve;

08. Overpressure safety valve;

09. Overload prevention device;

10. Side-by-side or end-to-end coupling, mechanically or open coupling;

11. Optional of remote control function and precision coupling system;

12. Optional of remote diagnosis function;

13. Rational matching of power, lower fuel consumption.

Technical parameters of flatbed modular trailer

Type Rated load
Dead weight
Exterior size
(L×W) m
Min. height of platform (mm) Qty. of axle lines/wheel bogies Tire Unload speed Speed at heavy load Gradeability at heavy load
A series (axle load of 32t)
B series (axle load of 64t to 76t)
C series (axle load of 44t)
G series (for steel plant)
Y series (for oil field)
Other series

Streering Mode

Normal driveAutomobile car driveDiagonal drive

90 angle drive
Transverse drive
Circular drive

Series Flatbed Transporter

75T flatbed transporter
125T flatbed transporter
150T flatbed transporter
75T flatbed transporter125T flatbed transporter150T flatbed transporter
100T flatbed transporter
320T flatbed transporter
380T flatbed transporter
100T flatbed transporter320T flatbed transporter380T flatbed transporter

WTW450B reel transporter

WTW450B reel transporter which is composed of chassis and upper structure is a special vehicle used to transport large cable reel, submarine oil and gas hose reel and etc. The diameter of cable reel ranges from 9.2m to 12m and the width is 5.9m. The lift stroke of the lifting device is 2.4m, and all dimensions cab be customized according to the user’s requirements.

WTW70Y carriage transporter is used for the process of transferring rail vehicles between different stations and workshops, it has man-machine interactive operation interface to automatically draw the urban rail vehicles up and down form the vehicle moving turntable, it can transfer urban rail cars from 8m to 23m and has the function of automatically aligning rail.

WTW70Y carriage transporter
WTWG200B ladle carrier

WTWG200B ladle carrier is a self-lift and self-propelled wheeled ladle carrier which is suitable for loading and transporting the hot metal ladle or slag ladle in smelting area of steel plant, it can load and transport heavy ladle independently and can work in steel plant around the clock, and it has the features of small steering radius, safe and reliable, multifunction and easy to use and maintain. It is the transporter to go through all the processes in modern iron and steel working enterprises.

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