extendable semi trailer

Extendable semi trailers

Extendable semi trailers have a normal width of 2550-3000mm and can be extended to 3400mm multiple times. The load capacity can be extended to 100t.


Extendable semi trailers

01. Extendable beams enables first extension, secondary extension or third extension;

02. The normal width 2550mm, 2750mm, 3000mm, extendable to 3200mm, 3400mm;

03. 3 to 8 axle lines;

04. Load capacity ranges from 20t to 100t;

05. Integral steering axle, mechanical hydraulic steering;

06. Hydraulic suspension (air suspension is optional);

07. Hydraulic gooseneck lifting;

08. Platform width: fixed (side beam extendable is optional);

09. Power pack: DC motor (diesel motor is optional);

10. Auto-adjustable arm of brake clearance, ABS;

11. Steering remote-control unit.


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