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Customized industrial lift transporter

According to your different transportation needs, we can Customized Industrial Lift Transporter for any industry.

Application cases

Customized lift transporter
Customized lift transporter
Customized lift transporter
Customized lift transporter
Customized lift transporter
Customized lift transporter

Customized Industrial Lift Transporter WTWT450B reel transporter

Chassis: hydrostatic drive, hydraulic lift, multi-mode steering;
Upper structure: hydraulic lift, hydraulic traverse;
Rated load capacity:450t;
Dead weight: ~150t;
Qty. of axle lines: 8;
Max. speed (no loads):10km/h;
Max. speed (full load): 5km/h;
Gradeability (full loads):5% (longitudinal slope);
Multi-mode steering.
WTW450B reels transporter which is composed of chassis and upper structure is a special vehicle used to transport large cable reel, submarine oil and gas hose reel and etc. The diameter of cable reel ranges from 9.2m to 12m and the width is 5.9m. The lift stroke of the lifting device is 2.4m, and all dimensions cab be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Customized Industrial Lift transportation WTW70Y carriage transporter

Rated load capacity: 70t;
Dead weight: ~45t;
External dimensions: 25×6.8;
Qty. of axle lines: 4;
Max. speed (no loads):12km/h;
Max. speed (full load): 6km/h;
Gradeability (full loads):5% (longitudinal slope);
Multi-mode steering.
WTW70Y carriage transporter is used for the process of transferring rail vehicles between different stations and workshops, it has man-machine interactive operation interfaces to automatically draw the urban rail vehicles up and down form the vehicle moving turntable, it can transfer urban rail cars from 8m to 23ction of automatically aligning rail.m and has the fun

Customized Lift Transporter WTWTG200B ladle carrier

Rated load capacity:200t;
Dead weight: ~50t;
Qty. of axle lines:4;
Max. speed (no load):10km/h;
Max. speed (full load):5km/h;
Gradeability (full load):4% (longitudinal slope);
Max. steering angle: ±60︒;
Hydraulic/mechanical connecting rod steering.
WTWG200B ladle carrier is a self-lift and self-propelled wheeled ladle carrier which is suitable for loading and transporting the hot metal ladle or slag ladle in smelting area of steel plant, it can load and transport heavy ladle independently and can work in steel plant around the clock, and it has the features of small steering radius, safe and reliable, multifunction and easy to use and maintain. It is the transporter to go through all the processes in modern iron and steel working enterprises.

Customized Lift Transporter WSTB25 electric ladle transporter


Rated load capacity: 15t;
Dead weight: ~10t;
Dimensions: 6×2.8(m);
Qty. of axle lines:2;
Max. speed (no load):6km/h
Max. speed (full loads):5km/h;
Gradeability (full loads): 3% (longitudinal slope);
Single vehicle battery charging time ≯4 hours;
Precision weighing system accuracy:0.5%FS;
Multi-mode steering.
WSTB25 electric ladle transporter is adaptable to high temperature, corrosive smoke and dust environment, especially in production of titanium, aluminum and magnesium. Its main function is to transport the high-temperature melt ladle of aluminum, magnesium, magnesium-chlorine and electrolyte. Besides, it can be used to achieve material collecting, material discharging, the high-precision weighing and wireless data transmission and etc.

Customized Lift Transporter WTWG120 industrial lift transporter

Rated load capacity: 120t;
Dead weight: ~35t;
Dimensions:13×3 (m);
Qty. of axle lines:6;
Max. speed (no load):18km/h;
Max. speed (full load):10km/h;
Gradeability (full load):8% (longitudinal slope);
Max. steering angle:±60︒;
Hydraulic/mechanical connecting rod steering.
WTWG120 industrial lift transporter in iron and steel plants is a self-lift and self-propelled wheeled transporter for special use, it is developed for steel plant, aluminum manufacturer and other metallurgical industry. It has the features of high load capacity, self-propelled and high driving speed. It is used for transporting thick steel plate, steel coil, iron ingots, cable reel, metal fragments, section steel, metal scrap and etc.

Custom Lift Transporter BGC 35 slag pot carrier


130 degrees dumping angle
Front axle and Rear axle with drum brake
Solid tires for the rear axles
Protection canopy with 1 observation windows
Burst protection for main dumping cylinder hoses
2 fire extinguishers with 4kg each (one at cabin site and one at the engine)
For ease of maneuvering and/or back-up drive, equipped with a swivel seat turning by 180°
Air condition in cabin
Engine hood electrically actuated
Planetary driven and electronically controlled hydrodynamic power-shift transmission from DANA provides smooth shifts that improve operator comfort and machine performance
Shock suppression system : Engine, driver’s cabin, and dumping cylinders are provided with this system to reduce shocking
Ground level emergency shutdown: An emergency shutdown switch is provided near the cabin for emergency shutdown at the ground level
Fire suppression system : All the electrical wire and rubber pipes are covered by the fireproof jacket made from special material, It can prevent the potential damage from 300 º temperatures
The BGC 35 slags pot carrier was designed and manufactured by a team of engineering with many years of experience in transporters for the metallurgical industry.
It is a special-purpose vehicle for transporting slag pots. The hydraulic lifting/dumping equipment can reach out to pick up slag pots from ground level /transfer cars/pedestal without cranes to set them down in any desired location on a transfer car, support or ground level or to pour them by tilting. This special transporter is equipped with an one-man driver cabin and operates with equal efficiency in double-direction. The design incorporates all the latest safety precautions to ensure safe and efficient performance.

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