heavy-duty flatbed transporter

heavy-duty flatbed transporter

It is going to be great.The first show of a 1,000-ton heavy-duty flatbed transporter

On the morning of July 25, a brand new 1,000-ton single board heavy-duty flatbed transporter arrived at the port safely and was about to embark on a new journey of ship building industry.

As the largest single board heavy-duty flatbed transporter in China, it is 23 meters in length and 10 meters in width, it has 4 files and 8 axle lines, 32 suspensions and 128 tires. Self propelled modular transporters are jointly developed by our company together with other special vehicle company according to the requirements of the current ship building industry, a large number of new technologies and techniques have been adopted. There are no more than five of them in the world.

In the absence of this heavy transporter, the ship building industry could only transport small sections by manually laying tracks or by a flat-bed transporter with medium loading capacity. With this 1,000-ton heavy-duty flatbed transporter, large-sized final assemblies transportation is not a problem at all.