Truck mounted crane

Truck mounted crane

The truck mounted crane adopts new technology, new platform and new chassis to create a new model. The stability of the car body is increased, the sling weight is improved, the hydraulic oil circuit is optimized, the vehicle quality is upgraded, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant, leading the new height of small and medium tonnage crane performance.


Truck mounted crane (also called crane truck, truck with mounted back crane, crane mounted cargo truck, truck with loading crane, boom crane, boom crane truck) is used to lift the cargo, load, transport and unload heavy goods. Truck mounted crane is generally composed of cargo compartment, PTO, crane lifter mounted on cargo truck chassis. There are telescopic boom cranes and knuckle boom cranes, covering a wide range of capacities as follows, 2Ton, 3.2Ton, 5Ton, 6.3Ton, 8Ton, 10Ton, 12Ton, 16Ton and 20Ton. The cranes can be of famous brands as UNIC, XCMG, ZOOMLION, etc.

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